Finding Value Below The Surface

The Horton Fund is an investment firm acquiring influential positions in small and micro-capitalization public companies where long term value can be enhanced through collaborative activism. The Fund seeks to generate market superior performance by identifying value creation opportunities and working with management to accelerate growth and ultimately shareholder returns. Horton’s proprietary stock selection process is based on intensive fundamental due diligence sifted through the Principals’ extensive experience in certain industries. Through its high-touch partnership approach with management, the Fund seeks to accelerate and optimize alpha generation over the long term.

The Horton Fund’s investment strategy is driven by fundamental analysis of companies with strong management teams, quality products/services, solid growth prospects and high profitability potential; yet are undervalued and under-appreciated by the investment community.  The Horton Fund helps these businesses achieve the value they deserve through improved corporate governance, capital management, strategic orientation and/or operational enhancement.

The principals form a team of experienced investment professionals with complementary skill sets.  Collectively, this team represents decades of practical experience in the investment business and a robust network which has proved extremely helpful to prior and current partner companies.